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Over the last six months, GLIMPSE has been working diligently and strategically to bring in the best of the best to fill certain positions. Our last post, we welcomed in Barbara Bickham an expert in technology, today, we would like to welcome in Matt Gottesman, a marketing guru. We could not be happier to have Matt on the team who brings not only a wealth of experience and success, but truly embodies the positive and healthy culture we continue to cultivate at GLIMPSE. Below you will fond more information on Matt in addition to short message from CEO, Ethan Turner. We look forward in sharing with you our journey as we continue to grow.

Matt Gottesman Bio

Matt Gottesman is an internationally recognized global digital strategist and

Matt Gottesman

technology advisor for brands, startups and VC’s, creator and editor-in- chief of Hustle & Deal Flow™, a results driven marketer, a social media influencer and is a consultant on New Media and go-to- market strategies for investments in digital marketing, technology, websites, mobile applications, eCommerce, social media and content.

Matt helps businesses grow in a digitally savvy and connected world to drive more traffic, customers and sales. To date, he’s worked with international powerhouses such as Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, KRUG Champagne, Cadillac, the World Trade Centers Association and more.

A Word From Ethan – GLIMPSE CEO

Before beginning, I and the other partners and founders at GLIMPSE would like to say thank you for joining our GLIMPSE Newsletter. We will be keeping you up to date on the progress of our company, trends within the Non-profit world, and innovative ways that you can help make the world a better place.

I want to start by sharing a short story about why GLIMPSE came to fruition. The founders and I were in attendance at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, being honored for work we’d previously finished on GLIMPSE 1.0.  Recently the Paris bombings had begun, and we were following the news on Facebook, which led to a conversation between us on the current events. While we were talking, there was a moment where Emeka, our current Chief Operating Officer mentioned that he wishing he could do something; he felt powerless, but never the less was drowning in all the information being relayed by the news outlets. It was overwhelming, being totally informed but having no path to action. In that moment, it occurred to me that there may be a solution – virtually. Emeka shot back that it wasn’t enough to just help virtually, it would be important that being there in person creating sustainable change would be that more powerful. Through continued conversation, the genesis of GLIMSPE came about. We pivoted on a previous business idea, of just sharing news through a 3D globe, to the first Social Activism Platform powered by our “Globefeed”, empowering people to not only take action virtually when receiving news, but to connect the virtual and physical worlds together – in real time.

Our goal at GLIMPSE is to revolutionize the way that people receive the information that means something to them, their ways of giving, and to empower social activists and charities to make change efficiently and with sustainable impact.

From joining this newsletter, you have joined a community of action takers – people who are solving problems, not just being informed; and in supporting this venture we hope that you will grow in how you engage your information. So take a GLIMSPE, and change the world.

Ethan Turner – Chief Executive Officer

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