The Quiet Difference Maker

In the last couple of GLIMPSE Blog posts, we have shared with you two of our newer advisers,  Barbara Bickham  and Matt Gottesman .
Although we are four co-founders, we have along our journey brought on mentors and a select few advisers who have supported us and believed in us throughout our growth. Andre Tucker is one of those people who has been our sounding board, mentor and adviser to us all, and in particular to our CFO – John. As the subject line of this email states “The Quiet Difference Maker” – that is Andre; soft spoken yet a brilliant financial mind. With a career in Finance in the Fortune 100 sphere, Andre has been instrumental in our goals, and ensuring a strong financial future for us at GLIMPSE

Andre J. Tucker Bio 

Andre Tucker

Andre J. Tucker has nearly 20 years of diverse business experience in Finance Planning & Analyst and Product Management with three Fortune 100 Companies.

In 2015, Andre founded Tucker Consulting to help support and invest in business ideas, manage profit margin growth, and identify market growth strategies.

A Word from Leib – GLIMPSE CMO

Leib Bolel

“Each day GLIMPSE is making headway on our upward trajectory ton all hat we have been so fortunate to accomplish so far. Building our foundation as solid as possible while taking risks as entrepreneurs has been a balance that we evaluate each and every day.

Surrounding ourselves with the best people, enables us to continue to prosper. We are truly moving and are ever so fortunate.”

Leib Bolel – Chief Marketing Officer


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